Mini Ping Ping

Happy Birthday Ping2!

Today's Ping2's Birthday!!! (Image taken from
She's finally joined me in the quarter-of-a-century club (not that I'll be there for much longer) :P
Wishing her a lovely life ahead full of joy and craziness. ^.^
Muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh - loph you!

What d'u think? :)

Ahhhh sudah lama!

Yup - it's been a while... Both since this photo was taken by Robin(that I just get from Vikom) and since the last update on this blog.Everyone is busy.
Pipi is in UK (should be back soon). Vikom is crazy busy with Dorcas. Ping2 is crazy busy with cardigan stands. Pina is now busy with her newborn nephew "Jed Dareen Dennyson"!!! And me, well - I'm just busy with life stuff.. Trying to get organized. Hopefully this month would have more spare time to sort through things. :)
Anyway - miss you gals heaps. I was also wondering if the Thailand trip is still up? It's May and there hasn't been any talk about it. Might be difficult to arrange at last minute :P

Pina still hasn't posted anything yet!!!!!!!

Crazy Hectic!

I'm going crazy..
I've been crazy hectic in the office because we are moving plus I need to organize things with my students until I get back from the trip.
Now I have a major problem since I tried buying train tickets online for like 5 times and my card declined. Usually when a card declines it means that the transaction wasn't successful. I checked with my credit card provider and the 5 transactions was recorded successfully and pending the settlement from the merchant. I called the website and they said that they would cancel the transaction in 72 hours. But if not then I won't be able to follow up the matter since I will be in UK. Kom, I might have to ask your help to pretend to be me an check the transaction status..

ah aku pusing.. :(

my weekend..

woww.. I wasn't expecting this much progress after weekend. This is starting to get real :)

Anyways, I had some stories over the weekend. On Friday night I went to kareoke with my colleagues, which is something new to me, because my company's been having the new counselors over this past month and apparently they like hanging out after office hours. I'm getting used to it, turns out it can be pretty fun.

Later that night I went to starbucks until 2 am. hanging out with another group of friends, my freshwater fishes community. I was fun and a nice night out to meet new people, I kinda think one of them might be interesting though, didn't know if he feels the same way about me.

Saturday night, same old same old. Dinner at mall, and club. There was something different that night. I was going in with someone ex-boyfriend to a, particular club :) But he took off before it was getting hot. So, I'm assuming he wasn't enjoying it and makes me wonders if he really fit in with, the particular group of friends.

Sunday morning, I woke up with a hangover, or at least what I thought it was, it was a constant nausea feeling and a bit of a diarrhea. After my mom's and bro's delayed birthday lunch at Senayan City, I went home and barely got on my feet since I was vomiting and sitting on the toilet almost at the same time.

I went to the doctor and decided to let him put a needle up in my ass. I'm feeling better now :) hopefully I can get back to the office tomorrow.
*sigh* to much tidur-tiduran is not as fun as you think, especialy when your back is aching probably because I was almost, 'on my back' these 2 days..


hihihi - finally we get more posts on... hopefully soon we can get pina to put up a post! ^.^
miss you guys so much.. been thinking a lot lately bout our possible trip to Thailand :P hihihi is it still on? when should we start planning? hihihi =)
loph u all!

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